The Brahmin's Gift and The Goat

The Brahmin's Gift and The Goat

Once upon a time, in a little village, there lived a man called a Brahmin. At the edge of the village, there was a forest. One day, a person who admired the Brahmin gave him a goat as a present. As the Brahmin was making his way home, three tricky individuals came up with a plan to take the goat away from him because it was a very nice goat.

The first tricky person walked up to the Brahmin and asked, "Why do you have a dog on your shoulder?" The Brahmin got very mad and said, "Are you not able to see properly? This is a goat, not a dog." After saying this, he kept going through the forest.

Then, the second tricky person said to the Brahmin, "You appear to be a smart person. Why are you carrying a calf that's not alive?" The Brahmin got really angry and shouted, "How can you think a goat is a dead calf? You're being very silly!" Although he was feeling a little confused, he continued walking.

Next, the third tricky person walked over to the Brahmin and asked, "If I'm not mistaken, you're a priest. But why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulder?" The Brahmin was completely puzzled. He began to believe that the goat might be some sort of ghost that could change its shape.

He became so frightened that he threw the goat into the forest and ran away. The three tricky people laughed at the Brahmin and took the goat to have a feast. Their plan had worked!

Moral: Don't let yourself be influenced too much by what others say. Always have confidence in yourself and trust your own feelings.
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