The Hare and The Tortoise

Once upon a time, in a forest, there was a lively hare. The hare was always happy and liked to play around. This hare was very proud of how fast it could run. One day, while the hare was at a pond, it met a tortoise. The hare wanted to be friends with the tortoise, but the tortoise wasn't interested.

After a while, the hare walked away. Later, as the tortoise was walking slowly through the jungle, the hare saw it. The hare began to make fun of the tortoise for being so slow, and even laughed at it. But the tortoise didn't get upset and stayed kind.

Then, one day, the tortoise surprised the hare by challenging it to a race. The hare was really surprised. "How can someone so slow challenge me, a fast runner?" thought the hare. But the hare agreed to the challenge.

When the race started, the hare quickly raced ahead. It seemed like the hare would win easily. The hare got so far ahead that it thought, "I'm so far ahead, I can take a nap and still win when the tortoise gets here." So, the hare fell asleep.

But something unexpected happened. The hare woke up to clapping sounds and saw the tortoise slowly crossing the finish line. The tortoise had won the race!

The lesson we learn from this story is that sometimes being slow and steady can help us win in the end.
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