Moseto and The Shopkeeper

Once upon a time, there was a little creature named Moseto. One day, Moseto decided to go to a big store to buy a TV. Moseto wanted to find a TV that didn't cost too much money. So, Moseto started to look around the store to find the best deal. After searching for a while, Moseto finally found a small TV that seemed just right.

Moseto asked the person who worked at the store, "How much does this TV cost?"

The store person replied, "It's only a hundred bucks."

Moseto thought that was a good price, so Moseto said, "Okay, please wrap it up for me. Since you're selling it at a low price, I'm curious to know how many channels I can watch on this TV."

The store person looked a bit sad and said, "I'm really sorry, but I can't sell it to you."

Moseto felt embarrassed and left the store, but Moseto still really wanted to buy that TV. So, Moseto came up with a plan. Moseto decided to pretend to be a girl to trick the store person. Moseto thought this would make it easier to get the TV at an even lower price. After making some changes to Moseto's appearance, Moseto went back to the store.

Moseto asked the store person again, "How much does this TV cost?"

Once again, the store person replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't sell it to you."

Moseto was frustrated and said, "Come on! Now you're making me mad. I spent a lot of time changing how I look, but you recognized me in just one minute. How?"

The store person chuckled and said, "Because the thing you tried to buy twice is actually a 'Microwave Oven'!"

And that's how Moseto's funny adventure at the store ended with a surprising twist!
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