Paragraph / short composition on Yoga for jsc,ssc, hsc examination


Yoga is a way to exercise and relax that started a long time ago in India. It helps with your body, mind, and spirit. Anyone can do yoga, even if you can't touch your toes or don't know how to meditate. When we do yoga poses, they stretch our muscles, making us move better and feel less tired and stiff. No matter your level, you can see benefits quickly. For example, in one study, people's flexibility improved by up to 35% in just 8 weeks of doing yoga. 

Yoga uses different poses called 'Asanas' that focus on specific body parts, along with breathing techniques called paranayama that help connect the body and mind. There are more than a thousand poses in yoga, and it mainly focuses on the mind by teaching us to concentrate on certain parts of the body. Anyone can do yoga, no matter their age. People choose yoga over other exercises because it brings calmness to both the body and soul at the same time. It's recommended to practice yoga for at least 75 minutes, taking breaks in between. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise and has a rich history.
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