The Cat and The Fox Story - Cute Inspirational Story

Once upon a time, there were a cat and a fox traveling together. They were finding food as they walked – sometimes a mouse, sometimes a plump chicken. As they ate, they started arguing to pass the time. But as often happens in arguments, things got a bit personal.

"You really think you're super smart, huh?" said the Fox. "Do you really believe you're smarter than me? I know over a thousand clever tricks!"

"Well," replied the Cat, "I'll admit I only know one trick, but let me tell you, it's better than a thousand of yours!"

Right then, they heard the sounds of a hunter's cart nearby. In an instant, the Cat climbed a tree and hid among the leaves.

"See, this is my trick," the Cat called out to the Fox. "Now let's see what your tricks are worth."

But the Fox had so many plans to escape that he couldn't decide which one to try first. He darted here and there with the hunter close behind. He retraced his steps, he sprinted as fast as he could, he went into many holes, but nothing worked. The hunter caught him, and it didn't take long for the hunter to put an end to the Fox and all his bragged-about tricks.

Moral of the story: Common sense is always more valuable than cleverness.
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