The Sheep Skin Wolf

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a clever wolf. This wolf was always looking for animals to eat. One day, he reached the edge of the forest and saw a village. In the village, there were many sheep and cows kept in pens and sheds. The wolf wanted to catch a sheep for a meal, but he was scared of the people who took care of the animals.

The wolf thought of a plan. He found the skin of a sheep lying on the path. He believed that the sheep had been killed a few days ago. The wolf got a wicked idea. He decided to wear the sheep skin and sneak into the flock of sheep. He thought it would be easy to catch a sheep this way. So, in the evening, he covered himself with the sheep skin and quietly entered the pen where the sheep were kept. He was certain that he would get a nice fat sheep to eat that night.

On that day, the shepherd had unexpected guests for dinner. The shepherd and his wife were not prepared for this, and the wife told the shepherd that she had nothing to cook for dinner. She asked the shepherd to kill a sheep for her. The shepherd called the cook and told him to go to the pen, take a sheep, and cook it for dinner. The cook entered the pen, but it was getting dark, and he couldn't see very well. He mistakenly picked the wolf wearing the sheep skin, thinking it was a sheep. Without realizing his mistake, the cook took the wolf with him.

Suddenly, in the darkness, the cook cut off the wolf's head, not knowing what he was doing. And that's how the wicked wolf's plan came to a terrible end. The guests at the shepherd's house had a delicious dinner that night.

MORAL: Bad intentions lead to bad outcomes.
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