Paragraph Traffic Jam . Short Composition Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

A long line of vehicles stuck in a jam is called a Traffic Jam. Traffic Jams happen often in big cities and towns. It is a big problem in our country. There are many reasons for it. The main causes of this problem are the roads being too narrow and there being too many vehicles. Our vehicles have increased, but our roads have not. The number of unlicensed vehicles is increasing every day. The drivers have little knowledge about traffic rules. We don't have enough traffic police. Vehicles parking everywhere and the tendency to overtake others are also causes of it. It causes us a lot of suffering. It wastes our valuable time. We can't reach school, college, office, and hospital on time. However, we should solve the problem. We need to increase the number of roads. We should have enough traffic police at important points. We should enforce traffic rules. We need to remove unlicensed vehicles. Drivers should be aware of traffic rules and regulations.
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