Oracle Web Logic 12.2 Quick Installation on Oracle VM

Hey there,

So, you're looking to set up your environment using VMware Workstation Pro 15 and Oracle WebLogic Version 12.2. No worries, I'll walk you through the steps in a friendlier way.

Step 1: Getting the Java JDK
First things first, let's grab the Java JDK. You can download it from this link: ( Specifically, go for the "Linux x64" version, which is about 185.96 MB in size. You'll end up with a file named "jdk-8u211-linux-x64.tar.gz".

Step 2: Getting WebLogic Server
Next, you'll want to get your hands on the WebLogic Server. Head to this link:( Choose the "Quick Installer" option, suitable for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. This one weighs in at about 231 MB.

Step 3: Organizing the Downloaded Files
Now that you have your downloads, it's time to organize things a bit. Move both files, "jdk-8u211-linux-x64.tar.gz" and "fmw_12.," to a shared folder for easy access.

Step 4: Getting into Action
Alright, let's dive into some command-line action. Log in as the "oracle" user. You can do this by entering the command: "$ /ora/oracle/Desktop".

After that, you'll need to untar and unzip your downloaded files. Use these commands:
- "$ tar -xzvf jdk-8u211-linux-x64.tar.gz" to extract the Java JDK.
- "$ unzip fmw_12." to unzip the WebLogic Server.

Create a few directories to keep things tidy:
- "$ mkdir ofm12.2" for WebLogic-related stuff.
- "$ mkdir domains" for domains.
- "$ mkdir applications" for applications.

Once you've got that set up, you'll find yourself in the "/ora/oracle" directory. You can check your current location with the command: "$ pwd". You'll also see the directories you just created listed along with other folders.

Step 5: Installing WebLogic
Here comes the installation part. Move into the "Desktop" directory: "$ cd /ora/oracle/Desktop".

Now, it's time to run the installation command for WebLogic using the Java JDK. Use this command:
- "$ jdk1.8.0_211/bin/java -jar /ora/oracle/Desktop/fmw_12."

You might encounter some hiccups, so keep an eye out for error messages. If you encounter the "Unable to access jarfile" error, make sure you're providing the correct path to the WebLogic installer.

If all goes well, you'll see the installation progress bar moving along. Once it's done, you'll be informed that the installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c WebLogic and Coherence Developer was a success. You can find the logs copied to "/ora/oracle/Desktop/wls12213/cfgtoollogs/oui".

And that's it! You've successfully set up Oracle WebLogic Version 12.2 in your environment.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or run into any issues along the way. Happy coding!
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