King Solomon - A Wise Judge Story

King Solomon's Wise Judgment

Once upon a time, there was a very smart judge named King Solomon. He had an important job – he had to make fair decisions when people couldn't agree. One day, two women came to his court, each holding a baby. They were both claiming that the baby was theirs and they asked King Solomon to decide who the real mother was.

King Solomon thought for a moment. Even though he was known for being wise and fair, he was unsure what to do this time. After thinking, he had an idea. He told one of his helpers to cut the baby into two pieces and give one part to each woman. 

When one woman heard this, she turned pale and started crying. She begged King Solomon not to hurt the baby and said, "Please, my lord, let the baby live. I don't need half of it." The other woman stayed quiet and simply said, "Yes, my lord, give me the baby. I am the mother."

King Solomon immediately understood who the real mother was. A true mother would never want harm to come to her child. He gave the baby back to the first woman, who was the real mother. He then punished the second woman by sending her to prison.

Moral of the story: The truth always comes out, no matter what.

The Wise Judge's Necklace Solution

In a big house owned by a rich man, a precious necklace went missing. There were many people working in the house, including servants. The rich man thought that one of his servants might have stolen the necklace.

He questioned each servant, but nobody admitted to taking it. So, the rich man decided to ask a wise judge to solve the problem.

The judge called all the servants to his court and they all denied stealing the necklace, just like before. But this judge was really clever. He came up with a plan to find the real thief. He gave every servant a stick that was the same length and told them to bring the sticks back the next day. He also said that the stick of the thief would magically grow an inch overnight.

The servants went home, believing that their innocence would be proven. But the servant who had actually stolen the necklace got worried. He cut an inch off his stick, thinking that it would grow back and no one would know.

The next morning, when the servants showed their sticks to the judge, it was easy to see who the real thief was. The judge discovered that one stick was shorter and figured out that this servant had tried to trick him. The judge found the necklace and sent the real thief to jail.

Moral of the story: Lies can be caught with clever thinking.
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