Dialogue-Necessity of Reading Newspaper

Myself: Hey Raisa, how are you doing?
Raisa: I'm doing well, and you?
Myself: I'm doing fine too. So, what are your thoughts on the necessity of reading newspapers?
Raisa: I believe it's essential for every modern individual to read the newspaper daily. It provides us with various benefits, doesn't it?
Myself: Absolutely! Newspapers cover a wide range of news, from current affairs and business to literature, entertainment, and sports.
Raisa: That's right. It helps us stay updated with the latest developments and trends.
Myself: However, we should be cautious as false news sometimes leads to serious consequences.
Raisa: Yes, you're right. Nothing in this world is without drawbacks, but reading a newspaper is still fundamental for everyone, and it holds true.
Myself: Well said. Thanks for sharing your perspective. See you again soon. Goodbye.
Raisa: Goodbye! Take care.
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