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Subject: Picnic Fun at Maynamoti

Dear Sumona,

Hi! Hope you're doing great. Guess what? We had an awesome picnic recently at Maynamoti, a really cool historic place. I couldn't wait to tell you all about it!

First, we all met up early in the morning and hopped onto a bus that took us there. It was super exciting! We made sure to bring yummy food and all the stuff we needed. Some of us even brought cameras to capture the fun moments.

Once we got there, the place was amazing! We spent the whole day exploring around, checking out the historical stuff, and taking lots of photos. We also made our own food – we cooked it ourselves and shared it like a big picnic family. It was really fun!

We didn't just eat and look around, though. We played games too! We had a quick cricket match – it was a blast, even though I'm not the best at it.

Honestly, the whole picnic was a blast. I kept thinking how much more fun it would've been if you were there with us. Maybe next time, right?

Okay, gotta run now. Say hi to your parents for me and give the little ones a big hug!

Take care,

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