Story Honest Woodcutter

The story is about a man who cuts wood and lives in a village. One day, while he was cutting wood near a lake, his axe accidentally fell into the water. He didn't know how to swim, so he felt really sad and worried. He was already poor and couldn't afford to buy a new axe. He thought about his problem and felt very unhappy, blaming his bad luck.

Suddenly, he heard a voice and saw a fairy appear in front of him. The fairy asked why he was crying, and he told her everything. The fairy felt sorry for him. She went into the lake and brought out a golden axe, asking if it was his. He said it wasn't his axe. Then she went back into the water and came out with a silver axe, but he still said it wasn't his. Finally, she retrieved his iron axe from the water. He was happy to have his own axe back.

The fairy was really pleased with him for being honest, and she rewarded him with both the golden and silver axes as a gift. This story teaches us that honesty is always rewarded.
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