A Foolish Crow and Sly Jackal

The Silly Crow and Sneaky Jackal

Once upon a time, there was a crow that wasn't very smart. One day, it found a yummy piece of meat and flew to a faraway spot. It landed on a tree branch to enjoy its meal. Meanwhile, a clever fox saw the crow and came up with a tricky idea to get the meat. The fox asked the crow to sing, showing interest in its beautiful voice.

At first, the crow didn't want to sing, but the fox was really smooth in talking. The fox told the crow that if it sang, lots of animals from the forest would gather to listen, and the crow would become famous. Hearing these flattering words, the foolish crow started singing. As the crow opened its beak to sing, the piece of meat slipped and fell down. The sly fox grabbed the meat quickly and hurriedly walked away. The poor crow couldn't do anything to stop it.

Remember, it's always important to think twice before trusting someone who seems too clever.
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