A Football Match that I Witnessed

Out of all the games played outside, my favorite is football. Football is a game from England. It's very exciting and thrilling. People who are young and middle-aged are really excited to see a game. I saw an exciting football match on the 12th day of this month. It was played between our school's football team and the Best Eleven team from our town. They played in the Chandpur Stadium.

Why I like football: Football is a game that is played internationally. It's played in a big, open field where many people can watch. The game is full of excitement. It doesn't take too long to play, and it teaches us how to work together and be disciplined. That's why I've liked football since I was a kid.

How the match started: Before the match began, the players from both teams came onto the field. The referee called the players and the team managers. They were introduced to the special guest. Then they flipped a coin to decide who starts. Our school team won the toss. The players took their positions. The referee blew the whistle, and they kicked the ball to start the game.

The first half of the game: In the first half, both teams tried to score, but they couldn't. It was a tough fight. No one knew which team would win.

The second half of the game: In the second half, both teams made strong moves to score, but the defenders on both sides stopped the attacks. The game became very intense. Anything could happen at any time. There was only one minute left. Luckily, our school's team got a chance. The player in the middle received a great pass from the player on the right side and scored a goal. People cheered and clapped a lot. Suddenly, the game ended because the time was up.

Conclusion: This was a really good game. Teachers and students all enjoyed watching it. I will remember this game forever.
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