A Journey By Train

Introduction: Nowadays, people are really busy with their daily tasks and things they need to do. They don't often have time to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. But traveling by train can be a great way to take a break from the usual city life and enjoy the natural world.

When and Why: After my yearly exams, I had a break for a few days. This time of year usually has nice weather for traveling. So, I and some of my friends decided to take a surprise trip by train to visit my sister in Chittagong. On the chosen day, we got to Kamalapur railway station early in the morning using a taxi. We bought our train tickets and got on board. The conductor blew a whistle, waved a green flag, and the train started moving.

The Journey: The train started going really fast. I've always liked looking at beautiful views. So, I found a seat by a window and looked outside. The sun was coming up, making everything look wonderful. Dewdrops on the grass were shining like pearls. I felt happy seeing these things. The train was passing through countryside areas by this time. I looked at houses, trees, meadows with golden crops, and other nice scenes. Things came into my view and then quickly disappeared.

I was really happy. I just kept looking out the window. Everything seemed to be moving quickly in the opposite direction. The train was moving fast. Sometimes, it went over a bridge above a river and made a noise. Since it was a fast train, it only stopped at a few big stations. Around noon, when we got to the Chittagong area, I was really excited to see hills on both sides because I had never seen hills before. After traveling for about eight hours, we finally reached Chittagong railway station around 1 p.m. We got off the train and took a taxi to my sister's house. Our trip back home was just as nice.

Ending: The fun journey lasted for a few hours, but it left a strong memory in my mind. I will always remember this journey. Whenever I'm alone and tired of the busy city life, I remember this trip and the beautiful scenes we saw along the way.
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