A Traitor Story

Once upon a time, there was a sneaky crocodile who approached a clever fox. The crocodile asked the fox if he could teach her children. The fox agreed happily. The crocodile left her kids with the fox and went back to her home in the river. The fox had a secret plan though – he really liked to eat crocodile meat. He ate three of the crocodile's children and felt very satisfied. 

After some days, the crocodile came to check on her children. The fox went into his cave and brought out one of the crocodile's children. The crocodile was happy to see that her child looked plump and healthy. The fox repeated this trick multiple times, always showing the same crocodile's child to the real crocodile. But the crocodile started getting suspicious. She realized that something wasn't right and that the fox was up to something.

The crocodile wanted to know what happened to her other children. This time, when the fox went inside the cave, he didn't come back out. The clever fox had tricked the crocodile all along. Before disappearing, the fox warned the crocodile not to trust anyone blindly without knowing them well.

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