The computer is a remarkable creation of modern science. Today's world is often called the computer era. Science plays a big role in how our world works now. Science has made its way into every part of life. Many things have been invented to help us in different fields. The computer was created by many scientists working together. Charles Babbage, who lived back in 1833, is often called the father of the modern computer. He made a computer with five main parts: a storage part, a processing part, a control part, an input part, and an output part. Using Babbage's design as inspiration, Harvard University made a computer for IBM in 1944. Since then, computers have changed a lot and many new ones have been made.

A computer does three main things. First, it takes in information. We put details about what we want it to do into the computer. This is called a program. Computers don't understand our regular language, so we have to use their special language to tell them what to do. We type out the program and the computer follows it. The computer then uses a special part to do the math and solve problems. Once it's done, it shows us the results on a screen or prints them out using a printer. Computers are really helpful. We use them in many parts of our daily life. Computers have changed how we learn. In places where things are developed, students use computers to help them study. Computers also help grade tests quickly and make lots of books in a short time. Computers do a lot to help education.

Now, computers are even used in medicine. They can help doctors find out what's wrong with people. They also help make surgery safer. Computers are even used in simple medical tests to check things like stones in our bodies. Science is supposed to help people, and computers are a big part of that. Some people think computers might even do things that only human brains can do. They could help solve problems that have been hard to figure out. I believe computers can help my country, Bangladesh, in many ways. So, computers are like a modern wonder made by science.
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