Issa Khan’s Greatness

Issa Khan was one of the twelve important leaders in Bengal. He decided to break away from the rule of the Mughal rulers and made Sonargoan his main place. Because of this, Akbar, who was the ruler in Delhi, sent a man named Shahbaz Khan to punish Issa Khan. Unfortunately, Shahbaz Khan lost the fight. Akbar got really mad and sent his best general, Maan Singh, to Bengal.

A big fight happened near a fort called Egarosindhu. In this fight, Maan Singh's son-in-law got killed. This made Maan Singh very angry. Instead of wanting to harm the regular soldiers, Maan Singh asked Issa Khan if they could fight one-on-one. Issa Khan agreed to this challenge. They started fighting, but neither of them could win. While they were fighting, the sun was going down. Suddenly, Maan Singh's sword broke in the middle of the fight. Issa Khan could have easily hurt Maan Singh badly, but he was very honorable. He didn't want to hurt someone who couldn't defend themselves. So, Issa Khan gave Maan Singh his own sword and got another one for himself.

Maan Singh was amazed at how noble and great Issa Khan was. He put his sword down and bowed to Issa Khan. Issa Khan also came up to Maan Singh and hugged him. This way, two people who used to be really big enemies became friends. 
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