Might is Right

Strength is Power

Once upon a time, a thirsty lion went to a stream to drink water. He saw a lamb also drinking downstream. The lion wanted to eat the lamb. He had an idea to trick the lamb and yelled, “You naughty lamb, how dare you make the water dirty for me?” The lamb got scared and started shaking. He said, “I'm sorry, sir, but how can I make the water dirty? You're drinking upstream and I'm drinking downstream.” The lion couldn't argue with that, but he shouted, “Oh, now I remember. You said mean things about me last year around this time.” The lamb replied timidly, “That's not possible, sir. I wasn't even born back then.” But the lion didn't care about this answer. He angrily growled, “Well, then it must have been your father!” Whether it was the lamb or the lamb's father, it didn't matter to the lion. With those words, the lion pounced on the helpless lamb and ate him up. 

Remember, my friend, this tale teaches us that sometimes those with power use it to their advantage, even if their reasons aren't fair or true.
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