My Childhood Memories

Introduction: Memories from when I was a kid mean remembering things that happened in the past. Childhood is the nicest time of a person's life. A famous poet named Wordsworth said that when we are babies, it's like being surrounded by something wonderful. People really like thinking about their old days.

My Childhood: When I was a kid, my days were full of bright colors. There were many special things and events that I still remember and they make me happy. A writer named Richter said that remembering things is like a paradise that we can always go to. I was the youngest child in my family. My parents loved me a lot and made sure I was happy. Even a tiny tear would make them sad. They were my best guides, teachers, and friends when I was a kid. Many memories fill my mind, and I want to share some of the most important ones:

Home Memory: I often think about my childhood home. It's like the saying, "Home, home, sweet home; there's no place like home." I feel exactly like a poet when they say these words.

Memory of Mom: My mom was always there for me, no matter what. She was there during good times and bad times. I still have a picture of her on the wall by my desk. It reminds me of her kind smiles. "Those lips are hers - her sweet smiles that used to comfort me when I was a kid."

Playground: I used to play by a small river close to our house. Every afternoon, the kids from our area would gather there to play, shouting and having fun.

Learning First Things: My first lessons started at home with a local teacher named Md. Mauliv Sahed. A few boys and girls, including me, sat on a mat and repeated our lessons like a song. We moved back and forth as we learned.

Fun Summers: During the summer, we explored our village, picked fruits, and ate them with joy. I still remember a shepherd playing a beautiful tune on his flute at noon.

Cold Mornings: In winter, I woke up early and braved the cold to pick flowers. My mom made delicious cakes and food with date juice. We enjoyed eating them and basking in the warm morning sun.

Fairs and Markets: I really liked going to fairs and the village market. I would wander around, enjoy the sights and sounds, and use my little bit of money to buy things for myself and my younger friends.

Why Childhood is Special: Life has different parts: childhood, when you're young, middle age, and when you're old. Childhood is the best time. It's like a golden period when you're truly free and happy. You can enjoy life without worries. On the other hand, when you grow up, you have many responsibilities and problems. That's why remembering childhood memories is so important. It helps you forget the routine of adult life.

Conclusion: These memories bring me happiness when I'm alone. They keep coming back to my mind and make me feel really joyful. I think my childhood was a happy time. A poet's words describe it perfectly.
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