National Flowers of Bangladesh

Our national flower is called Shapla. You might know it and like it a lot. What's interesting about Shapla is that it grows in water without needing anyone to plant it. It really likes still water, like in ponds or lakes. There are a few types of Shapla. Some are red and have thick stems. They usually grow in ponds and tanks. Then there's another kind with thin stems and brown petals. These ones grow in marshes, canals, and lakes. The prettiest one is the Amazon Lily. But we also have blue lotus flowers all around the country. They have white petals with a touch of yellow on the outside. This special flower doesn't have a smell, but it sure is beautiful.

When and How It Grows: Shapla mostly grows during the rainy season. When it's dry, the Shapla disappears and its roots stay underground. But as soon as the rain comes, the Shapla comes back. It really likes water, so when there's more water, it grows more. There's a bud at the top of the stem, and then it opens up into a lovely flower when the weather is nice.

Why It's So Beautiful: Shapla is one of the most beautiful flowers around. Imagine it floating on water under the moonlight – it's a lovely sight. Its beauty is enchanting, especially when it's on the water in swampy areas.

How We Use It: People, including boys and girls, like to pick Shapla. They enjoy picking it and sometimes even eating it. Some kids who don't have much money collect Shapla and sell it. And you know what? We can even use the stem of Shapla as a type of food called curry.

Why It's Our Special Flower: Shapla represents our simple and natural way of thinking. It grows naturally in many watery places in Bangladesh. Almost everyone here has seen Shapla, so there's no need to plant it on purpose. Because it grows on its own, we decided that Shapla is our national flower.

To Sum Up: Shapla is something we all know and love. It's a special flower that holds a special place in our hearts.
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