The Postman

The Mail Carrier OR Postman

The mail carrier is a small worker for the government. They work at the post office. Everyone knows them in towns and villages. They are friends with many people. 

What They Wear: They wear a brown uniform. They have a hat on their head. They carry a bag on their shoulder. Letters and important things are in the bag. Sometimes they ride a bicycle.

What They Do: The mail carrier has many jobs. Every day, they start working in the morning. First, they go to the post office. They give letters, money orders, and packages to the right people. In villages, they sell postcards and envelopes. They walk a long way to finish their work on time.

Their Life and Job: The mail carrier's life is not easy. Their job has a lot of responsibility. They have to be on time for their work. They need to be busy and follow their duties well. If they don't do their job right, people might have problems.

Good Qualities: A good mail carrier has many good things about them. They do their job well and are honest. They are on time and take their job seriously. They quietly help people.

Why They Matter: Mail carriers are really helpful to us. We really need their help. They bring us news from near and far. We are excited when they come.

Ending: Mail carriers don't get a lot of money. But their job is important. They should get enough money so they can do their job well.
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