The punishment of a liar cowboy

Once upon a time, there lived a cowboy in a little village. His job was to take care of cows that grazed in a field near a forest. This cowboy had a habit of not telling the truth, and he liked to have fun by fooling people. He would often shout, "There's a wolf, a wolf!" Even though there was no wolf around, the villagers would rush to his aid with bamboo sticks and other tools to protect the cows. But every time they arrived, they found no wolf at all. The cowboy found this amusing and laughed at the villagers. He repeated this trick many times, and as a result, the villagers began to lose trust in him.

However, one day, a real wolf actually appeared. This time, when the boy shouted for help, nobody believed him or came to his rescue. Sadly, the wolf attacked and killed the boy.

The moral of this story is that if you keep telling lies, people might stop believing you even when you're telling the truth.
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