Child Labour Paragraph For Any Class

When kids are made to work, it's known as child labour. Kids who are under 18 and have jobs are called child labourers. These young working kids aren't getting their basic rights. They don't have enough good food or proper clothes. They also don't live in a healthy place, they aren't very healthy themselves, and they don't get to go to school. Instead of learning like other kids, they work in clothing factories, help on vehicles like tempos and buses, and even gather garbage. Their lives are really tough.

I believe the government and people who care should take action to protect these kids' rights and end child labour. The government should help families who live in poor areas and create jobs so they can have better lives. The government should also give more money to the 'Food for Education Program'. People who care can step up and help these working kids. They should make more homes for kids who don't have families. If we do all of these things, we can hope that these less fortunate kids will finally have their basic rights and there won't be child labour in Bangladesh.
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