Computer Composition For Any Class

A computer is a fantastic creation of modern science. It's an electronic machine that can quickly do calculations, store, organize, and get information, or control another machine. The best things about it are its speed and accuracy.

A computer has different parts, like the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It's super helpful in today's world, which we call the world of computers. We know that without computers, real progress is impossible in every aspect of our lives.

In schools and colleges in Bangladesh, they teach about computers. When SSC, HSC, and other exams happen, the results come out fast with the help of computers. In business and trade, computers have made a big impact, especially in developed countries. Even in our country, computers are used in banks, private companies, and government offices. They are also crucial in airlines, railways, shops, labs, hospitals, and libraries. Computers help in preparing electric bills, recording phone calls, and sending reminders to people.

In medicine and printing, computerized machines are doing amazing things for diagnosis and technology. Computers are everywhere in our lives. We can't even imagine modern life without them. They have changed the way we live, and they will keep bringing more changes in the future.

Science should serve humanity, and the computer is one of the greatest contributions of science to us.
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