Female Education Composition For Any Class

Women make up half of the total population in Bangladesh. These women are helping the country's overall development in social and economic aspects. However, the situation of female education is not good at all. Now, there is hope that women are willingly contributing to society. But in rural areas of Bangladesh, girls are not sent to school. Instead, they get married before completing secondary education. Our male-dominated society still doubts the importance of female education. Early marriage, family restrictions, and taking care of children are the main obstacles to female education. Poverty, illiteracy, population growth, and social prejudice are the main reasons for these obstacles. Women do about 95% of household work, so we all should understand how important female education is. If women are not educated, no nation can develop. The government has taken steps to ensure female education, such as compulsory primary education, stipends for female students, and free education up to the degree level. So, everyone should do their part to ensure female education.
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