Food Adulteration Paragraph For Any Class

When something is added to food to make it more, last longer, or look better, it's called an adulterant. When people do this to food, it's called food adulteration. The main reason they do it is to make more money, even if it's bad for the people who eat it. This is a bad thing that greedy business people do. Sometimes, in places like hotels and restaurants, they mix old or spoiled food with fresh food and give it to customers. They might put chemicals on fish and vegetables to make them seem fresh, even when they're not. Actually, all kinds of food can be changed by dishonest business people to make more money quickly. When they do this, the food becomes lower quality and can hurt the people who eat it. Eating this kind of food a lot can cause serious health problems. Reports show that it can lead to diseases like diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, and heart issues. The government has special teams to find and punish dishonest people. But even though they're trying, it's not enough. The government can't fix this problem by itself. People need to know about it so they can stop buying bad food. We should speak up against food adulteration and stop it. This way, both the current and future generations can stay safe and healthy.
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