My Aim In Life Composition For Any Class

A person wants to achieve something in their life. If you don't have a clear goal, it's like a boat without a steering wheel - it can't reach where it wants to go. To succeed in life, you need to have a plan from an early age. This plan is called an "aim in life." My aim is to become a teacher because I want to help my country by educating its people. A good teacher can make a lasting impact on a nation. Our country is poor, and illiteracy is a big problem. By educating students properly, we can reduce poverty. I want to be a teacher to serve my nation.

To achieve my future goal, I need to get some degrees. I feel sorry for students who struggle with English, so I want to become an English teacher. After completing my HSC Examination, I will join the Honor's class in English. Then, I will pursue my Master's degree and work in a college to teach students with dedication. I prefer working in a rural area to sincerely serve my country. English is not well-spoken in our nation, and I want to improve it. If our country can communicate better internationally, it can prosper. Even though English is a foreign language, it's essential in this modern age. I will teach my students the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - as efficiently as possible.

I pray to Allah for the success of my future plan. I am studying very hard to have a strong command over English. Besides my school studies, I regularly read English newspapers, magazines, and journals to improve my vocabulary. I hope Allah will help me turn my aim into reality.
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