Physical Exercise Composition For Any Class

To be healthy and avoid diseases, physical exercise is the best medicine. Physical exercise means moving our body parts according to certain rules. It's important for our health because it keeps our body active. Doing regular physical exercise helps us stay fit. There are different types of exercises like freehand exercises, yoga, weight lifting, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Freehand exercises are good for our health, while weight lifting is more for professional players. Walking, on the other hand, is beneficial for everyone. Children can benefit from running, swimming, and playing games.

Physical exercise is very important in our practical life. It helps us build a strong body and prevents diseases. It also contributes to a healthy mind. However, too much exercise is not good. We should follow the rules, have a proper diet, and get enough rest; otherwise, we may suffer. Some people in our country don't see the need for physical exercise. They think it's a waste of time, but it actually helps us stay healthy and perform our daily tasks better. Without exercise, our health deteriorates, and we face various diseases and problems. It's also crucial to have the right diet that matches our exercise routine. We should exercise based on our age and body condition to benefit from it.

Physical exercise is necessary for building a disease-free nation. Healthy children become healthy citizens in the future. So, we should all make physical exercise a regular part of our daily life.
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