The Frog and The Ox Story with Moral

Once upon a time, on a very hot summer day, a large Ox went to a pond to drink water. He was really thirsty. When he was almost in the water, he accidentally stepped on a small frog and it got squashed. The little frog couldn't survive.

All the other small frogs hurried to the older and bigger frog to tell him that their young sibling had died because of a big animal. When the big frog heard this, he said, "Wow, that animal must have been huge!" He started puffing himself up, like trying to look bigger. He asked the little frogs, "Was the animal as big as me?" The little frogs replied, "Much bigger!"

So, the big frog kept puffing himself up more and more. He kept asking the little frogs the same question. Every time they said the animal was much bigger, he blew himself up even more. He didn't stop until he couldn't get any bigger, and then he burst.

The lesson of the story is: Thinking too highly of yourself and trying to show off can lead to your own downfall.
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