The Season I Like Most Composition For Any Class

When a new season starts, you can see the nature around you changing. In Bangladesh, there are six different seasons. One of them is called spring, and it's really wonderful. Spring happens during the months of Falgun and Chaitra in the Bangla calendar. I personally enjoy this season the most. Among all the seasons, spring is considered the best.

Winter can feel very cold and dull to me. Summer brings really hot days and nights that can make life tough. The rainy season leads to heavy rains and floods that cause a lot of problems. Autumn and late autumn are a bit like the rainy season and winter, but spring doesn't have the issues these seasons bring.

Spring comes after winter and captures everyone's hearts. When spring arrives, nature becomes lively. Everything looks fresh and new. The sky is clear and blue, trees grow new leaves, and colorful and sweet-smelling flowers bloom on them. Bees and butterflies buzz around from one flower to another. A gentle breeze starts blowing, and we can hear the happy songs of birds. The sound of the cuckoo bird is especially nice to listen to. All these lovely things make us feel good and happy. Everywhere, there's a sense of joy and celebration. People tend to be healthier and happier during this season.

Another nice thing about spring is that there are many different tasty vegetables and fruits available. However, spring doesn't last for a very long time. Unfortunately, during this season, some people might get sick with diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and chickenpox. Chickenpox is common in this season. Even though there are a few downsides, people still like spring a lot.

Honestly, spring doesn't stick around in Bangladesh for more than two or three weeks. Maybe its short visit is why we appreciate it so much. For all these reasons, I like spring the most.
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