Two Little Frogs

Once upon a time, there were two frogs living in a village with their family and friends. One day, they got an idea to visit a big city that was about ten miles away from their village. They talked about this idea for a while and finally decided to go on this adventure.

On a really hot summer day, they started their journey. But as they walked, they got tired pretty quickly. After a short distance, one frog said to the other, "We must be getting close to the city. Can you see it?" The other frog replied, "No, I can't see it yet. But if I climb onto your back, maybe I can spot it from up there." So, one frog hopped onto the other's back to get a better view.

However, the frog on the top could only see what was behind them and not what lay ahead. So, when he looked up, he saw the village they had just left behind. The frog on the ground asked, "Can you see the city?" The frog on the top answered, "Yes, I can see it. It actually looks just like our village."

Thinking that they had already reached their destination, the frogs turned back and returned to their village. They shared with the other frogs in the village that they had seen the city and found it to be very similar to their own home.

The lesson here is: Before taking action, it's important to think about the possible outcomes and consequences.
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