Write A Letter About How To Improve English

12th February 2019

Hello Rosmina,

I got your letter and I understand that English is a bit tough for you. You wanted tips to get better at English, so here they are. To be good at English, there are four things you need to work on.

Firstly, make sure you go to your English classes regularly and pay attention to your teachers. Also, watch English shows on TV and listen to English on the radio. This will help you get better at understanding when people speak English.

Secondly, try talking in English with your friends in class. It's good to practice with your English teacher, people who are good at English, and even by yourself. Speaking more will make you better at speaking.

Thirdly, to become better at reading, read storybooks, books with pictures, and English newspapers. If you find new words that you don't know, try to guess what they mean from the sentences around them. If you can't figure it out, use a dictionary to look them up. Also, try to write paragraphs and stories often, and let your English teachers check them. This will help you become better at writing.

And hey, you can keep a diary and write a few pages every day. This will help too. By doing these things, you can definitely get better at English. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Say hi to your parents for me.

Take care,

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