a letter to your brother about the usefulness of reading newspapers.

5 R. N. Road

3rd February

My dear Arun,

I just got your letter. I'm happy that you're now doing what I suggested before. I want to talk about something else now - the importance of reading newspapers.

These days, knowing about many different things is really important. Newspapers are the best way to learn about these things. They tell us about what's happening all around the world. Nowadays, newspapers also have articles about different subjects like art, science, politics, sports, and more. They help us learn a lot of different things.

If someone doesn't read a newspaper often, it's like they're staying in a place all alone. They don't know about what's happening right now, so they can't talk with others or join discussions in a smart way. It's like a fish being out of water. Reading newspapers in English can help you learn new words and how to make good sentences. When you know a lot about what's happening and you're good with English, you can feel more confident in the modern world. So, you should definitely try to read newspapers regularly.

I hope you're doing well. Take care.

With love,

Yours affectionately,
[Your Name]
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