A story about the dog and the Cows

A long time ago, in a little village, there was a feeding area for animals. In that village lived a poor woman who owned a beautiful cow. The cow would eat the food from that feeding area. One day, a group of cows arrived at the feeding area to eat, but they found a dog lying on the food.

One of the cows asked the dog, "Could you please move? We're really hungry and need to eat our food." The dog didn't pay attention to the request. Another cow tried, saying, "Could you let us have some of the food?" The dog growled, and the cow backed away.

A clever cow went to a strong bull and explained the situation. The bull approached the dog and asked politely, "Could you please leave? The other animals need to eat." But there was no response from the dog. This made the bull upset. The bull snorted loudly and stomped its feet. Frightened, the dog quickly ran away to save itself.

The lesson from the story is: It's not nice to act like the dog in the feeding area, unwilling to share or let others enjoy their food.
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