Cowards die many times before their deaths paragraph for any class

People who are very scared of dying all the time are called cowards. We all know that death is something we can't avoid, but some people are so afraid of it that they won't even take risks. They let bad things continue and do things that go against what they believe in because they're so scared of dying. These kinds of people are cowards, and their lives are really unhappy. They become controlled by their fear, and by trying to avoid the pain of death, they end up suffering even more.

But there are others who aren't scared of dying. They bravely face dangers for important reasons, even if it means they might die. These people are like the heroes of the world. They make us proud and show the best side of humanity. They think that since we can't escape death, it's better to die in a brave and honorable way than to live in a way that's not true to who they are.
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