Sound Pollution Paragraph For Any Class

There are lots of things that make the environment dirty. One of these is loud sounds. When sounds are okay and nice to hear, we call them "sound." But when they are sharp and hurt our ears, we call them "noise." Because more people are living in cities and we're using machines more, there is more noise around us. Also, things like busy traffic, loud music, microphones, factories, trucks, and schools can make a lot of noise. Being around too much noise a lot can hurt people. Noise can make us feel angry and it can hurt our ability to hear things. People in hospitals have a hard time because of noise from cars, horns, and microphones. It's really important to stop too much noise. We can do this by planning towns carefully and making sure people know about noise. We should put factories far away from towns. And the government should have strict rules for people who make noise for no good reason.
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