Tree planting means putting more and more trees into the ground. This is really important for us. We need trees because they help us in many ways. They give us things like wood and fruits. We also use trees to build our houses and make things like furniture. But sometimes, we cut down too many trees, and that's not good. When we cut down too many trees, the world becomes like a desert, and that's not good for us or for the animals that live in the forests.

Trees do many important things for us. They give us oxygen to breathe, and they take away a gas called carbon dioxide that is not good for the air. Trees also help keep the balance in nature. They make sure there is not too much pollution in the air. They also help bring rain, which is important for the plants we grow and the food we eat. Birds and animals need trees to live, and if we don't have enough trees, they might lose their homes.

We can plant trees in many places. We can plant them in empty spaces near our homes, by the roads, and next to rivers. It's really important that we all help with tree planting. When there are more trees, the world becomes a better place. Trees make the air cleaner, the soil stronger, and they help protect us from things like floods and storms.

The best time to plant trees is during the rainy season. It's also important that everyone knows about tree planting and helps with it. We can't just cut down trees without thinking. We need to take care of them and plant more so that we can have a greener, cleaner, and safer world. If we didn't have trees, our world would be in trouble. We need to make sure we protect trees and plant more of them to keep ourselves and our planet healthy.
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