Honesty is the best policy

Once upon a time, there was an elderly man who was walking to the market to buy some vegetables for his home. The market was about 2 kilometers away from his house. He had a bag in his hand and was walking slowly because he was quite old. Suddenly, he noticed a wallet lying on the road. Inside the wallet, there was some money and a picture along with an address written on a piece of paper. Even though he could have taken the money for himself, he chose not to. He put the wallet in his bag and continued on his way.

While he was walking, the owner of the wallet approached the old man and asked, "Excuse me, sir. Have you found a black wallet on this path? It contains some money and my ID card."

The old man smiled kindly and replied, "Yes, my dear. I found the wallet just as you described. You can have it back. I picked it up from this road, but I haven't touched your money. Thank you."

The wallet's owner was relieved and grateful to the old man. He offered some money to the elderly man as a reward for his honesty. However, the old man declined the offer and said, "No need, my young friend. You should keep that money for yourself, perhaps for your education." The owner was both happy to have his wallet back with all the money and amazed by the old man's honesty.

With a warm smile, the old man explained, "Doing the right thing was my responsibility, my dear."

Moral of the story: Being honest is the best way to handle situations.
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