Letter about the environment of your school

November 30, 20__

Mr. Sojib Rahman
Mirpur-14 Dhaka-1206

Dear Father,

I hope you're doing well, and I send my warm greetings and love to you. I received your letter yesterday, and you wanted to know about how things are at my school. So, I'm going to share all the details with you.

You already know the name of my school, and it was started way back in 1928. Right now, there are about 2000 students studying here. We have plenty of classrooms for all of us, and these classrooms are big and have good ventilation to keep the air fresh.

We have 55 teachers who are really good at their jobs. They know a lot, teach well, and have been doing this for a long time. But there's something special about our school beyond just these basic facts. The teachers talk with us in an interesting way during our lessons, and they're also friendly and easy to talk to.

We have a library, which is a really nice place to study quietly. There's also a laboratory where we can do practical experiments, and a playground right in front of the school where we can play. We're also part of various other activities that go along with our regular lessons. We have different clubs like the science club, debating club, nature study club, English club, adventure club, music club, cricket club, chess club, and even a scout team. This means we can join in these activities and have fun while learning.

The atmosphere at the school is really good for studying. It's not noisy and distracting. They don't allow things like loudspeakers or honking near the school, so it's peaceful. The school always makes sure that what we're learning is the right stuff and taught in a planned way. So, being part of this school makes me feel really proud and happy.

Sending you my love,

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