Letter on importance of sports and games

October 18, 20__

Hello ABC,

I hope you're doing well. I got a letter from your mom the other day. She told me you're not really into playing sports and games. I want to tell you that just focusing on schoolwork isn't enough. Your health matters too. Playing sports and games is a really good way to stay healthy. They're like the foundation for a strong body.

Sports are pretty important. Some people play them to get famous and rich. But you know what? The real point is to have a good time. When kids join sports clubs, they make new friends and have fun. You can enjoy sports too because you're not only having fun, but you're also exercising. And it feels great to have strong muscles, right?

So, my advice is to start giving importance to both your studies and playing sports and games. It's a good balance for a happy and healthy life.

Always here for you,
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