Two Cats and Monkey / Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey

Two Cats and a Crafty Monkey / A Smart Monkey Tricks Cats with Bread

Once upon a time, there were two cats who took a piece of bread from a kitchen. They wanted to share it fairly, but they didn't know how to divide it evenly. Instead, they were about to start arguing.

Since they couldn't figure out a solution, the two cats decided to ask a monkey for help. This monkey was known as the cleverest animal in the jungle, and he was also quite tricky. He saw a chance to get the bread for himself. He brought a set of scales, tore the bread into two pieces, and placed them on the scales. However, one side turned out to be heavier than the other.

The monkey then tore a small piece from the bigger part of the bread and ate it. After doing this, he weighed the pieces again. This time, the smaller piece was heavier. The monkey kept tearing off bits of bread and eating them, making the scales balance in favor of the smaller piece. He repeated this until only a tiny piece of bread remained.

The two cats realized the monkey's sneaky plan. They asked him to stop dividing the bread and return what was left. But the monkey became angry and said, "I worked hard to divide the bread, so now you must pay me for my efforts." Sadly, due to their foolishness, the cats lost their bread.

Moral of the story:
Being foolish can lead to trouble.

Arguments can lead to significant losses.

Disagreements can create opportunities for outsiders to take advantage.

When you fight and argue, someone else can benefit.
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