Wolf and Crane

Wolf and Crane

Once upon a time, there was a Wolf who accidentally swallowed a bone that got stuck in his throat. It hurt a lot, and he was scared that he might not be able to breathe. So, the Wolf asked the other animals for help. He promised a big reward to anyone who could help him get the bone out.

The other animals were unsure and worried about helping the Wolf. They didn't want to get hurt. So, they said no and didn't help.

Finally, the Crane felt sorry for the Wolf. She believed his strong promise of a reward. The Crane bravely put her long neck into the Wolf's mouth and used her beak to carefully take out the bone.

After the bone was out, the Crane told the Wolf, "There you go, it's out now." She put the bone on the ground and reminded the Wolf about the reward he promised.

To the Crane's surprise, the Wolf looked at her and said, "Reward? What reward?" He acted like he didn't know about any reward. The Wolf even said that the Crane was ungrateful for wanting a reward after he let her help him.

With a sly grin, the Wolf left, leaving the Crane feeling tricked and disappointed.
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