Paragraph Environment Pollution SSC

Environment pollution means when our surroundings become dirty and harmful to us. There are many ways this happens. For example, the air we breathe can get dirty from the smoke that comes out of vehicles and factories. This smoke has bad things like carbon-monoxide and sulfur-dioxide. These things make the air not clean, and when we breathe it in, we can get sick with diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Water pollution is also a big problem. Water can get dirty when bad stuff from factories and mills goes into it. This stuff has poison in it and hurts the animals that live in the water. When people drink or use this dirty water, they can get sick with stomach and skin problems.

Noise pollution is another type. This happens when there's too much loud noise from things like car horns and loudspeakers. This noise can bother us and make us uncomfortable.

We can help stop air pollution by planting more trees. Trees take in the bad gases and give us good oxygen. For water pollution, we should be careful about how we throw away waste. The government can also make rules to help. It's important for us to learn about pollution so we can live healthy and happy lives.

Word meanings:

Contamination = Making something dirty.
Component = A part or piece.
Aquatic = Something related to water, like animals that live in water.
Occasion = A special event or time.
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