Unity is strength completing story

The Tale of the Old Man and His Three Sons: Unity is Strength

Once upon a time, in a place far away, there was an elderly man who worked as a farmer. This wise man had three sons. Unfortunately, these sons didn't always get along; they argued and fought a lot. The farmer, who had seen the troubles caused by their disagreements, kept advising them to stick together and avoid quarrels. He explained that being united would make them strong and capable. However, the sons didn't really listen to their father's words. Instead, they continued to argue and create problems.

As time passed, the farmer grew older, and he started to worry about what would happen to his sons after he was gone. He felt really sad because the same fights kept happening every day. But then, an idea struck his mind.

One day, the old man gathered all his sons to teach them about the importance of unity. He asked them to find some sticks and a piece of rope. The sons did as they were told, bringing the sticks and the rope. The farmer then tied all the sticks together using the rope, creating a bundle. He asked his eldest son to try and break the bundle apart.

The eldest son tried with all his might, but he couldn't break the bundle. Next, the second son gave it a shot, but he also couldn't break it. Finally, the youngest son tried, but he faced the same result as his brothers.

Then, the old man untied the bundle and handed each son a single stick. This time, they were able to break the sticks easily. The old farmer smiled and said to his sons, "You see, my dear children, this is what unity can do. This shows the power of being united. When you stand together, no one can harm you."

The three sons finally understood their mistake and realized where they had gone wrong. They promised to work together, be united, and live in peace and harmony from that day forward.
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