Folk Song Paragraph For HSC

Folk songs are like the old-timey songs of a place or group of people. They're kind of like the music that folks in the countryside enjoy. These songs tell us about how country folks live and what they hope for, dream about, and feel sad about. Folk songs are super important for Bangladeshi culture. Some well-known types of these songs in our country are Baul, Bhatiali, Murshidi, Marfati, Jarigan, Jatragan, Shari gan, and Gamvira. People like Lalon Shah, Abbus Uddin, Abdul Alim, Shah Abdul Karim, and Momtaz are some of the famous folk singers here. They sing these songs for a living. 

The musical instruments used for these songs are things like Tabla, Dhol, Madal, Ekatara, Bansi, Kartal, Dotara, Sarad, and Sarinda. But nowadays, the young folks don't seem as interested in folk songs. They seem to like band music and pop songs more. Even though folk songs show us our own special culture and traditions, young people are moving away from them.

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