A Memorable Rescue Paragraph

Something really special happened to me last Saturday. I headed to the river like I usually do around 9 in the morning to take a bath. At that time, not many people were at the bathing area. Just two boys were playing in the water. All of a sudden, one of them got into trouble and started calling for help because he was in deep water. The other boy was confused and didn't know what to do.

Right away, I decided to take action. I jumped into the water. I had learned how to save someone who is drowning during a class about helping others. So, I grabbed the struggling boy by his hair and carefully brought him back to the shore where it was safe. While all this was happening, some people arrived and saw how I had rescued the boy. They were really impressed and said nice things about what I did.

I felt grateful to my teacher for showing me how to help in situations like that. When my dad heard about what I did, he was really proud of me.
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