Two Cats And A Monkey Story Writing

Two cats were living together in a house. One day, they found a piece of cake and took it without asking. But then, they couldn't agree on how to share it fairly. This caused them to argue about their portions. Finally, they went to a monkey for help. They asked the monkey to divide the cake into two equal parts. However, the monkey was quite clever and saw an opportunity to trick them. He decided to eat the cake himself.

To do this, the monkey pretended to make the cake equal by breaking it into two pieces. Each time he weighed the pieces on a scale, but he made one piece look bigger by taking bites from it. This made the pieces seem equal in weight. Gradually, he ate more and more of the cake as he kept pretending to make it fair. In the end, the monkey ended up eating the whole cake. The two cats were fooled by the monkey's trick and left without getting any cake at all.
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