A Railway Station- paragraph

A Railway station is an important part of a country's train system. It's a spot where people can get on and off trains to reach their destinations.

There's a platform where passengers and things are picked up and dropped off. The station's building is often made of red bricks. You can spot the green and red signals and a painted station house from far away. A person with flags, one red and one green, moves around. Inside, there are rooms for the station manager and guards, a counter where tickets are sold, a place to book space for transporting goods, places to eat, shops selling books, and separate waiting areas for men and women. At the station, there are also people selling things like newspapers, magazines, boiled eggs, bread, bananas, tea, and biscuits. It's usually crowded and not very clean. When a train comes in, the station gets really loud, but when the train leaves, it becomes quieter. So, a train station goes from being busy to calm and then busy again. Clearly, a train station is connected to our history and it's important for our society and economy.
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