An Honest School Boy and His Sense of Responsibility

An Honest School Boy and His Sense of Responsibility
The Honesty of a Schoolboy

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Robin who was studying in ninth grade. One fine day, as he was heading to school, he came across a wallet lying on the road. Strangely, there was no one around. Robin picked up the wallet and realized it contained a substantial amount of money. However, Robin was a very truthful and responsible young lad. Instead of keeping the money for himself, he decided to do the right thing and return the wallet to its owner.

Even though it was almost time for his classes to begin, Robin decided to prioritize his responsibility. He hurried to the school and handed the wallet over to the headmaster. The headmaster was impressed by Robin's integrity and commendable action.

Together, they took the wallet to the local police station and handed it over to the officer in charge. There, they encountered an elderly man who seemed distressed. Upon seeing the wallet, the old man claimed it as his own, stating that he had lost it during his journey. The officer in charge returned the wallet to its rightful owner.

The elderly man was overjoyed and wanted to reward Robin for his honesty. However, Robin declined any reward, saying, "You've got your money back, and that's enough for me. Please just wish me well so I can always fulfill my duties and responsibilities."

Touched by Robin's words, the old man blessed him wholeheartedly.

The story's moral is that truly honest people don't expect rewards or returns for their good deeds.

Note: If the question mentions a different name, you can replace "Robin" with that name. Similarly, if the question involves a girl's name, use that girl's name instead of Robin.
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